Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Start looking into this NOW!!

High School Students

General Scholarship Application for UNB Scholarships - All high school applicants should apply for scholarship support using the general application. It covers just about all of our scholarships available to high school students who are starting an undergraduate program at UNB.

Special Scholarship Applications - these scholarships require a special application in addition to the general application because they require additional information about you to make a decision.

Did you receive a scholarship offer from UNB? If so, please respond here before May 15th.

All students who have been admitted to a UNB degree program on the basis of their high school marks are considered for scholarship support ranging from $500 to $60,000.

Upon request, we will revisit the calculation of your scholarship average when we receive your final official high school transcript in June. Please send your request for re-calculation and any other inquiries to