Friday, June 19, 2009


Final transcripts for those of you going on to college/university:
a) were placed in your prize envelop (congrats!)
b) were faxed Thursday morning to your college
c) were mailed as "official" copy to your college

I placed a list of WHERE they were sent outside the main office. I'll be at school until June 24th, if you need it sent somewhere else.- email me if you have questions, or leave a message at -7004 (I'm in and out of meetings over the next few days, but I'll check messages)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Bring American Money (already exchanged!)
Bring your Health Insurance card...check at Grand Manan Insurance if you don't have any already.
Parents and Grads: need to sign the SAFE GRAD AGREEMENT Monday or Tuesday- see Mrs. Linton. Bags will be checked before leaving; have everything ready in the school office BEFORE GRADUATION.
Call Mrs. Mrs. Linton if you have questions!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Final Transcripts will be faxed AND mailed right after graduation. I will leave a list at the main office of where they are sent. An "official" copy (with the GMCS seal) will also be in your prize envelop at Graduation.
If you need one in the future, we can get you a copy; just let us know if an "official" copy is needed, or if a faxed copy will suffice.

PORTFOLIOS...sad to say, only 9 were passed in for scholarship applications. The in-house scholarship committee PLUS several outside committees wouldn't even consider your applications without them. Considering I spent an entire Intervention rotation with all grade 12s on these, I was truly dissappointed.
Portfolios will be placed on display at Graduation, and can be picked up AFTER the ceremony.
Keep them with you! Several past grads have told me they still use their portfolio for resume and job applications. They will be most useful, even down the road!

Don't forget, student loans are now online...
Summer employment forms..."SEED applications" can be picked up at Helen Johnson's office, new B & G Club...mine are all gone!
Enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For anyone who picked up their invitations on Monday, please return them to be reissued--we need to make a correction in one part of them.



Monday, June 8, 2009


If you want a corsage for prom, orders must be in to to Linton Flowers by Friday, June 12.


Some students still owe grad money before these will be given out.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Monday, June 15 AT 8 P.M., YES, 8 P.M., NOT 9.
DECORATING beginning on FRIDAY, June 15 @ 8:30.
Clear mini lights, extension cords, 4 blue flood lights, 6 clear flood lights, fake greenery, trees, etc.
The above items need to be labeled and at the gym by 8:30 on Friday, June 12.

Prom clean-up: Tuesday @ 8:30
We need parental help. Those who have loaned any items need to be here at this time to pick them up--not responsible for lost items. We will also need to set up for graduation at this time.

If there are any questions, feel free to call Elaine McComiskey at 662-3248 (leave a message if necessary and I'll return your call).


The Nursing Home has an updated pavilion on the end of their building. They would like to invite any grads who wish to come and have pictures done there before the prom. It is a lovely backdrop for pictures with a fountain, flowers, etc. Also, the residents would enjoy seeing you all in your finery! For more info or to arrange a time, contact Donna Knight at 662-7111 Extension 6113.

First practice next week will be at 12 noon on Wednesday morning.

Speeches due--these need to be edited and practiced--time is getting short and June 1 has come and gone! I haven't seen any yet.

Invitations will be available on Monday. If you have not given me your numbers, you will get 5 doubles. I still need to know # of seats needed for some of you for parents and grandparents.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wednesday at noon.
Thursday and Friday at 11:30
Be sure to have speeches completed and with you to practice


Friday, June 5, is the absolute deadline to bring in pictures that you want on the Power Point slide show for graduation. Robyn has been trying for weeks to get these pics; so if you want them on the presentation, you must have them in tomorrow so that she can get it completed.

There are still 4 people who owe cheese money. If this is not submitted, the value of the cheese will be deducted from your grad points.

White mini lights are needed to trim for the prom. Please mark them with your name so that they can be returned.