Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Details will be coming, but plan on Saturday, October 20th.
Ask friends, neighbours, relatives,  teachers, whoever you can think of to help you out.
Baking should be picked up by you Saturday morning no later than 10 am, or your friend can drop them off.
If someone feels they can not bake for you at this time, ask them if they would like to donate a cake mix and icing, and you could make cupcakes to sell! OR, maybe they would like to just donate cash this time for the cause, and maybe bake for you in the Spring bake sale.
Good luck!
Try and be available to set up and sell that day as well... not sure of a start time yet, but will let you know. (usually 1pm). Sometimes there is leftover food, and grads can be prepared to sell at local stores as a "trunk sale". 
See you there!