Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scholarships Time!

!It's almost that time of year...Grads to Be should be thinking about how their PORTFOLIOS will loo, and which scholarships they want to apply for.
This is the link to SSHS scholarships...look through it to get you started, as many are the same for our school. http://sshs.nbed.nb.ca/scholarships2009/
Booklets will be available after March Break on specific prizes for GMCS.
Your portfolio should consist of highlights of your high school years...extracurricular, volunteer activities, academics, special talents. Photos, news articles, certificates, samples of wor...all things you are proud of, should be in your "brag book".

I hope to be back at GMCS after March Break...please feel free to email me with questions, etc about scholarships. In the mean time...
Get the following things ready:
COVER LETTER...this is who I am, this is what I want to do with my future, this is why I need financial help...
Blank Scholarship FORM...I'll help Mrs. J. Brown get one for you soon!

Good Luck. Remember, if you have worked hard, and helped out in our community, you stand a great chance of $$$. The prize money IS NOT just for people with marks in the 90s...anyone who has been involved, needs to apply...and you ALL have financial need!