Monday, May 4, 2009


By now, you should have picked up your scholarship package from the Guidance office (on shelf outside my door). Local scholarships and and portfolios are due by THURSDAY, MAY 14th.
You can still add things to them while they are in my office, but I will be making arrangements for the local scholarship committees to drop in and look at them.
please drop by my office this week if you need help OR EMAIL ME!!
Each application should include:
A) Cover letter (proper letter format, explains WHICH scholarship you are applying for, WHY you think you qualify, WHAT your future plans are, and what you have been doing for extracurricular activities and volunteer work.
B) Application form
C) Transcript
D) Reference letters, if requested

You can slip all of these inside your portfolio, so we can find it easily.

PLEASE.... Leave one BLANK application in your portfolio that I can photocopy for last minute scholarships that may come up.