Sunday, January 4, 2009

WELCOME Back, Grade 12!!

A busy term ahead, indeed. Have you heard back from NBCC yet? Applicants should start hearing news in the next month. I will automatically send your January Marks when they become available.

UNIVERSITY bound? Check in with me for forms, or go should be gettng these sent by the END of JANUARY.

NOT SURE where you are going? check in anyway; maybe we can come up with a plan.

SUMMER JOBS...don't forget, the SEED applications are in now...beat the rush, and get it filled in. Any government sponsored summer jobs MUST have these filled in, or you can NOT be hired. (jobs at B & G Club, Museum, Anchorage, Village Rec Dept, Tourism, etc etc)

CHEESE $$...if you still have some owing, make sure it gets in to the office this week.

SECOND SEMESTER COURSES: I have a tentative schedule...come in and choose your courses early, if you haven't already. Note the change in Outdoor longer being offered. If you know which Distance Ed Course you want, see Mrs. J. Brown ASAP...she can sign you up early!

Have a great new year!